Thursday, 28 July 2016

Basic information of LED light Bulbs

LED Light bulb and Heat 

Heat is the enemy of LED lights the high power LED Bulb which have current of 350-700mA plus running through them by this so much heat is generated from so little electricity. Mostly LED Bulb manufacture use aluminum body to fins to increase the total area in which heat can escape and be dissipated.

LED light bulb – Color Temperature
Warm White – between 2800k to 3300k color temperature.
Cool White – between 4200k to 45k color temperature.
Daylight White – between 5000k to 5500k

LED light bulb – View angle: - The high power LED light bulb offered 10 to 60 degree view angle.

LED lights bulbs – Base size – The slandered base size of normal LED bulb in B22.

LED Light Bulb – What Does Dual Voltage Mean?

 Many high power LED bulbs are operated on dual Voltage -85vac to 260vac ,Dual voltage means the LED Bulb will switch internally from 110/120 vac to 220/240 vac.

LED Light Bulbs – specification – The high power LED Bulb are listed with the watts that the LED is rated to consume, we will also state the beam or view angle, lumens and watt of LED Bulbs are generated by these bulbs. For more information visit:

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