Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Why we use LED Bulbs?

LED bulbs is the one of the newest technology that replace conventional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, the older bulbs like halogen bulbs that gives a lot of lights , also consume amount of power and harmful for the eyes and atmosphere. LED bulb a lot of advantages if you are using at your home and offices. Some of the advantage is given below:


1.       LED bulbs have a long life up to 5 years or more, it shows you can also save money because if you are using other bulbs you replace 5 times in 5 years but you need to purchase LED Bulbs once in this time frame.

2.       LED bulb is safe from the fault when switch on and off in millions of time because there is no filament that can burn.

3.       There is no need of extra scare unlike the CFL Bulbs.

4.       LED bulb is cold as compare of CFL and other bulbs because it contains the semiconductor instead of filament.

5.       The major advantage of the LED bulbs is that it is Eco-friendly because it does not contain any harmful element like Mercury.

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